Changing Multiple Online News Feeds – Varying Rates of Speed and Viewer Attention Spans

It seems that those that run the financial cable television news each day are finding new ways to keep the humans entertained and watching their show. When they go into a station break there are all sorts of graphics which pop up, along with the common sound themes. Their branding is absolutely brilliant, and I know this because it is something that I study. Further, lately I’ve been noticing all the different newsfeeds which come across the screen.

There will be one at the bottom with all the stock market quotes, one at the top which shows the price of oil, gold, the stock market, and the bond yields. Then there will be the occasional news alert which comes across at a different speed from a different direction than all the rest. It seems that these stations have learned the same secrets to keeping the attention span of the human mind busy with all other visual displays. It’s enough to mesmerize someone, and I think that’s their point.

After all, if you spend your day with a rapid moving television show that continually piques your curiosity with visual highlights, you are liable not to turn away, thus, watch more commercials during the break. Now then, have you ever walked through a casino and watched all the people sitting there moving the handles and watching the lights flicker and flash – hoping for that sound of the clank, clank, clank of the money dropping from the machine, meaning they just won? Isn’t that about the same trick?

And since this works, can we expect the future of the multimedia e-book to do the same? It’s also starting to happen online with all the pop ups, and busy information coming at us from multiple sides. There might be three or four lists online on any given news website that you can click on having to do with various categories. Then when you click on those there are other choices, videos, and all sorts of new advertising popping up as you go. It’s a never ending trap of visual addiction, at least that is their hopes.

Is this increasing the attention span of the viewer? Does it keep them on the website or watching the station or playing the videogame at the casino longer? It appears too, the question is to what avail, and is this really good for the viewer to continually be mesmerized with the onslaught and flow of new information coming at a faster and faster pace each year? Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

Why to Outsource Mobile Application Development Solutions?

Customers have become mobile oriented and so have businesses. Mobiles and smartphones help businesses publicize themselves to a larger audience. For an organization, hiring mobile application (app) development services has become essential. This is because, entrepreneurs want to ease customers and prospects by offering a variety of mobile apps related to their services which can be easily downloaded and used anytime of the day.

The outsourced team of application development experts helps an organization develop application software for handheld devices like mobiles, smartphones, etc.

What makes outsourcing essential?

A service provider combines the latest in mobile technology, methods of engagement and system integration to deliver innovation that matters and business value that lasts long.

Service providers offer a complete spectrum of services, from business consulting to mobile based business solutions. These vendors help entrepreneurs to leverage the benefits of mobile application development and maintenance, testing services, technology services and industry-specific mobility solutions.

By implementing this approach, entrepreneurs:

  1. Transform businesses: Outsourcing firms help entrepreneurs realize business outcomes from apps with a holistic approach that consists of three main factors such as:
  • Approach: Apply mobility as a strategic business differentiator.
  • Business: Outline business models around mobile technologies.
  • Technology: Address challenges allied with evolving web and mobile technologies.
  1. Accelerate innovation: Service vendors help organizations harness outsourced engineering ability and fully functional mobility centers. Enterprises get to choose from a range of outsourcing solutions to tap new consumer segments and break into new markets.
  2. Enhance operational efficiency: The outsourcing solutions help enterprises to create new efficiencies with mobile-driven business procedures. Enterprises understand these efficiencies, faster with pre-built micro apps and components, which reduce the overall time to market.

Some of the service offerings include:

  • Application and software development
  • Mobile Phone-App integration
  • Understanding execution environment (Apple iOS, Android, Blackberry, etc.)
  • Working on JAVA Script

Some of the benefits of subcontracting app development services are:

  • Access to skilled mobile app developers
  • Reduction in cost of development
  • Stunning mobile app designs
  • Maintaining privacy of information
  • Comprehensive customer support on all time frames
  • User-friendly and intuitive interface
  • Fulfilling custom-made requirements
  • 24X7 email and telephone support

The business capability of outsourcing firms enables an entrepreneur to leverage:

Wider reach

Outsourcing firms make mobile apps on various platforms (iOS, etc.) making it accessible to more people. Therefore, service vendors not only offer mobile app development services for different platforms, but also, cover cross-platform needs of the clients.

Custom applications

There are clients, who want to get custom mobile apps to strengthen their business. Outsourced mobile app developers are truly efficient in this task as they comprehend specific client requirements and develop apps accordingly.

Marketing becomes simple

Outsourcing firms create apps for organizations to market a brand message in a simple manner. Apps make it easy to promote a brand to a mass audience.

Why and How To Start a Home Business Online

2010 had seen the slowing down of the world economy followed by recession, retrenchment and the rising cost of living. You can’t run away from this, doesn’t matter where in the world you live because it is a world wide phenomena. To make thing worse, your income does not rise in proportion to your expenses. What should you do when faced with this situation? Don’t you think a second source of income by doing home business online could help?

When choosing the type of business to run, a home based business is the best option, especially if you have children at home. Starting with this form of business does not require you to quit your current job. You can start doing it part time from the comfort of your home and at the same time keeping an eye on your children.

By doing it right and following the correct procedures you could start seeing results within months if not weeks. Running a home business online does not require a lot of capital. You don’t have to rent an office and staff to help you. What you need is just a computer with an internet connection and a small space in your house for your work station.

Affiliate marketing is the best option for you to start your home business.In this business, you are not required to keep an inventory and you don’t need to have your own products. What you do is just promote other peoples products that are available at ClickBank, and many others. Whenever a transaction is made, you will be paid a commission.

Once you have made your decision to start a home business online, you have to look for the necessary online tools to help you get your business up and running. First of all you need to have a web presence. You can do it the free way such as using the services of, or However as this is going to be a business, I recommend that you go for paid services for your website. You need to have your own domain name and open a hosting account. You can get some free instructions on creating your website but if you don’t have the time or insufficient skills to do it yourself, you can either get someone to do it for you or purchase a ready made website with your chosen niche.

Promoting your website is the most important step of your home business online. You need as much traffic as possible to visit your website.If you want a fast result and you have extra money to spend, you can advertise your products or services at Google or Yahoo. You can also get free traffic through article marketing, forum marketing, social bookmarking and many more. For free traffic generation, you really need sometime before you can see results.

Next on the agenda is to subscribe to an autoresponder service. This software helps you maintain an e-mail list of your visitors who have agreed to give you their name and e-mail address in exchange for a gift e-book or reports you offer on your website. With this list you will be able to sent newsletters and sale offers to them at regular intervals. All this will be done automatically based on the preprogrammed letters that you created earlier. Based on past experienced, it takes about 5 to 6 visits before a prospect purchases a product.

Monitoring traffic movement on your website is an important criteria for a successful home business online. If you know where most of your traffic comes from, how long do they stay on your website, which keywords they used to get to your site and so on, you will be able to structure your business approach to produce the best result. You can get this service for free at

The decision is in your hands. It is you who will determine your future.

Help: I Can’t Seem To Make Money Online!

If you have a desire to generate income using the Internet, you are certainly not alone (after all, the idea of being able to hang out at home and make money right there at your computer sure is appealing), but what’s more, you are also not alone if you have tried and failed to generate income online – as this is the plight of the majority of people who have tried their hand at online, money-making ventures!

Of course, taking this fact and using it as an excuse to automatically dismiss the idea of making a living online altogether is easy – except for the adjacent fact that: hey, there are a lot of other people who actually do make money (great money at that) online!

If you have been wanting to figure out a way to make a living using the Internet, one thing that will be important for you to understand is that success in this quest boils down to your “approach” more than it boils down to any sort of precise skills or knowledge you must possess – and when it comes to “approaches,” there is certainly no shortage of available options.

The vast number of options that are out there in the first place is one of the big reasons why people tend to have problems, in fact; if you are like many others, you have tried your hand at niche marketing, Clickbank affiliate marketing, Amazon affiliate marketing, Google ads – maybe even affiliate marketing for a well-known brand such as Eddie Bauer – and after all these various (failed) efforts at making money online, you might be ready to give up.

Or, you may not have even gotten started yet with your planned efforts at making money online, but – perhaps even more discouraging than having tried and failed yourself – you might know a number of others who have worked their proverbial tails off in an effort to make money online, only to have come up short.

What so many of these people are missing, however, is the key component to making money online: find a single system that requires only a bit of time, a bit of focus, and a bit of knowledge, and that will reward you with unbelievable results!

Instead of fooling around with a system for making money online that will require you to boost your search engine ranking through tons of SEO work coupled with a good deal of luck – and that will still only give you a few paltry dollars a day for sales made or ads clicked on, thus requiring you to run about a hundred sites at once in order to make any serious money – start looking for people who have learned already how to make serious money online with a minimal amount of work. From these people, you will be able to learn what it takes – that is, you will be able to learn how you make money online!

The more you learn, the more equipped you will be to make money online yourself!